Thanks to BeenMissing's integration with social networks, you and your contacts can now help finding missing persons. Fortunately social networks nowadays serve as a means of mass communication helping to transmit vital information to this particular cause. Now there is a way you can help us to search for missing and abducted people through the Social Networks.

What can I do?
We’ve created a Facebook app so you can spread information about a new case on your network. You only have to accept our Facebook App and ´like´ the BeenMissing Facebook page to start helping.

How does it work?
When a new Person is missing, and the case has certain relevance, the application you have approved will automatically post the case of the missing person on your Wall so you and your friends can help. If you know this person or have any information about this case, you can access the Web Site or the Mobile App and send an anonymous report to help your local Sheriff Office.

So… now what?
´Like´ us in Facebook and Twitter and start checking the cases as they arrive. Now it's your turn to help us making possible that the missing people find their way back to home.

Click here to install the Facebook app.